Frequently Asked Questions

GS Challenge is an event with team spirit and all particpants must respect the laws and regulations of the road. Safety is the priority.

Q1. What is the starting and finishing point?
The point of departure and return is at Moto Internationale (see our contact page). On Sunday, the starting point is at Moto Internationale and the destination point in Ormstown, QC.

Q2. Is it possible to participate only in the "on road" portion?
Yes. All participants have the choice to participate in the "off road" portion.

Q3. Is it possible to participate only in the "off road" portion?
No. The "on road" portion is mandatory for all participants.

Q4. Is GS Challenge open to any type of motorcycles?
Yes, GS Challenge is open for all motorcycles, regardless of the brand as long as the bike and the tires of the bike are legal and comply with laws and regulations of the road.

Q5. Is it absolutely necessary to own a BMW motorcycle to participate in the GS Trophy portion?
Yes. To participate in the GS Trophy, the participant must be an owner of a BMW motorcycle, have Canadian citizenship and a valid Canadian passport.

Q6. Can I participate in the off-road portion if I do not have a BMW motorcycle?
Yes. You can participate and compete for a chance to be crowned the "other motorcycle brands" champion.

Q7. Is GS Challenge a race?
No. GS Challenge is not a race but a physical and logical "challenge".


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