With the arrival of the new millennium, your time has become more precious than ever. This is why at Moto Internationale we have put at your disposal a group of financial consultants to deal with each aspect of your transaction under one roof. You no longer have to shop around to negotiate a loan and/or protect your investment... WE DO IT FOR YOU!


  • To inform and advise you on the leading edge services and products
  • To get you the best rate in accordance with your purchase and financial profile
  • To negotiate your loan and increase your chances of approval in certain more difficult cases
  • To protect your investment

Moto Internationale works with different sources of financing in order to offer the customer the best interest rate available. Our high volume of transactions generally enables us to obtain a lower rate than the one you could get from your own financial institution through a personal loan. We work closely with our BMW manufacturer's financial center as well as with many other financial institutions. Rest assured that we follow very closely all the promotions and novelties that are submitted to us in order to promptly inform you about them.

By knowing each source's own acceptance criterion, our consultants can therefore increase your chances of credit approval. Why go somewhere else when you can benefit from all these advantages under one roof?



Whatever the payment method you choose for the purchase of your motorcycle, it is essential that you protect your investment. You will allow $5000, $10000 or even $25000 for your entertainment, we therefore invite you to carefully read the following advise in order to take full advantage of your purchase along with having complete peace of mind.


It is easier to steal a motorcycle than a car. In fact, the Q.M.A. (Quebec Motorcyclist Federation) established in 1994 that an engraved motorcycle had 10 times less chances of being stolen than one that wasn't. At Moto Internationale, on top of offering anti-theft engraving, we also offer the possibility of installing an alarm system.


The Sherlock anti-theft engraving consists in engraving an identification number, in a discrete and aesthetic manner, on 30 to 50 main parts of your motorcycle in order to reduce its value on the black market. The engraving is permanent, therefore deterring thieves and potential buyers.


The alarm system includes a remote control, a shock and motion detector, an ignition switch off relay as well as a battery equipped siren.. The installation of such a system makes your motorcycle a less accessible and less attractive target to the eyes of a thief.


  • Protect yourself against the high depreciation cost of replacing a stolen motorcycle.
  • Avoid any claim related insurance policy increase. Fully enjoy your motorcycle throughout the season without any unwelcome surprises



Your new purchase is much more than just a simple machine; it is the acquisition of a leading edge technology and engineering entity. If a breakdown should ever occur, the price of parts and labour could throw your budget off balance. The cost of a single breakdown could exceed the price of investing in an extended mechanical protection plan.

Different extended warranty options are available at Moto Internationale, depending on your motorcycle make, the number of cc's, the year it was manufactured, etc. In the case of a pre-owned motorcycle, the plan takes effect at the time of the delivery. As for a new motorcycle, it takes over when the original warranty finishes.

  • It extends the warranty coverage on almost all of the main components without regards to the mileage.
  • It pays for the hourly rate of the expert dealer and for the repairs or replacement with genuine manufacturer parts. All this throughout North America for most of the plans.
  • It is transferable or refundable in certain cases of total loss.
  • It can be included in your payments if the motorcycle is financed.



  • Balance your budget by avoiding important unexpected repair bills
  • Increase the value of your motorcycle with genuine manufacturer parts and expert repairs
  • Increase the amount of potential buyers as well as the resale value of your bike thanks to your extended protection plan.

The decision to purchase a model that suits your needs is the first step. To make this motorcycle compatible with your motorcyclist profile, you may have to add some equipment. If this is your first bike or a return to riding after many years, you will need to purchase safe and appropriate clothing, shoes and helmet. It is also very important to evaluate which way you will choose to protect your investment against theft, total loss or work stoppage caused by an illness.


  • Motorcycle
  • Accessories
  • Parts
  • Extended warranty
  • Replacement warranty
  • Anti-theft engraving
  • Loan insurance
  • Alarm system

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