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Congratulations! You are now a Privilege member with us. This offers you many benefits like having access to special offers with your Privilege card. Check out the following information...

SCORE SOME POINTS with your Privilege card!

Obtain 10 POINTS for every dollar you spend in the boutique or in the parts and accessories department.

  • 10% point discount on every purchase
  • 2 500 bonus points at every 500 $ of purchase after spending over 1 500 $


Bonus points when buying flagship products or on particular offers.

You may even transfer your points to a member of your family!

Always stay well informed and receive an account statement and our special offers monthly by email!


Every time you show your Privilege card when paying your parts and accessories purchases, you add up some points which may be exchanged for 5 $ denomination vouchers (or more).

You may also exchange your points for a discount when purchasing your next new or second hand motorcycle.

For more information, refer to our list of FAQs.

It is as well possible for you to make an online follow up of your profile. All you need to do is register.

Every dollar spent gets you more points and the more you have points, the better are your privileges!

You can only benefit from being a member! Our team welcomes you!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Harley Davidson Montreal Moto Internationale BMW Motorrad Program

What does the program consist of?
Moto Internationale, Moto Internationale BMW Motorrad and Harley Davidson Montreal (Moto Inter) would like to offer you a loyalty program! When you become a member, you earn points for your eligible purchases. The program also provides you with a variety of other advantages and exclusive privileges.

How do I become a member?
Enrollment in our program is simple and free! Just visit our Boutique, Parts or Service Centre counter, where a representative will enter your personal information and provide you with your membership card, containing your personal member number. You can start using your card right away!

How do I earn points?
You’ll receive 10 Moto Inter points for every $1 in purchases at our Boutique or Parts and Accessories counter. Plus receive bonus points on special offers and specific activities.
What’s more, you’ll earn 2,500 bonus points for every $500 in purchases starting when you have accumulated $1,500 in purchases within the same calendar year.
Note that points are accumulated on the total amount of purchases, before taxes. Points are not given for the purchase of a new or pre-owned motorcycle, tires, labour, warehousing, sub-contracted services or for repairs done under warranty or settled by an insurance company.

What advantages and rewards are included in the program?
Program details for all Moto Inter Privilege cards are outlined in the Program pamphlet, available at the dealership. Furthermore, on a regular basis, you will receive special offers and invitations to special events where you can earn bonus points.

How can I redeem my points?
Your points may be redeemed at all times for gift certificates in denominations of $5 or more which can be used to purchase parts, accessories, vehicle maintenance service or a new or pre-owned motorcycle at the dealership.

What’s the dollar value of each point?
Points have a retail value of $0.01. So, for example, 5,000 points is worth $50 at Moto Inter.

How long are my points valid for?
Points are valid indefinitely, under the condition that you make at least 1 transaction within an 18-month period.

Can I transfer my points to someone else?
Yes, you can transfer your points to a family member.

How can I replace a lost or stolen card?
First, be sure to let us know as soon as possible. We will then cancel your old card and transfer your points to your new membership card. A processing fee of 1,000 points will be in effect should you lose your card a second time.

How do I accumulate bonus points for referring someone?
Great ambassadors deserve to be rewarded! If you refer someone to Moto Inter and he/she buys a new or pre-owned motorcycle from us, we will credit your account with 7,500 points as a thank you.

How will I be kept informed of program privileges?
We will send you timely information about the program and special offers by email on a regular basis. However, should you not wish to receive email notices, simply let one of our representatives know and we will remove your name from our mailing list. You can always consult your personal file online, any time at

How do I keep track of my points?
Our system automatically keeps track of and manages your points. Just visit our dealership or log on at any time to consult your point balance and browse the advantages and privileges that are yours as part of our Moto Inter program. You’ll also receive a monthly email update listing your points accumulated to date, any upcoming special opportunities to earn bonus points, plus exclusive offers available only to members.

I don’t have Internet access. Can I still participate in the program?
Of course! Anyone can join our Moto Inter program. If you cannot access your file online, simply consult your sales slip after any transaction to see your point balance to date. Or visit the dealership any time for the most up-to-date information on your account. Note, however, that certain special offers are communicated by email only.

Privilege Program Guidelines


1. Harley-Davidson® Montreal and Moto Internationale BMW Motorrad, hereinafter «Dealer», have the right to terminate the Privilege Program at any time.

2. Dealer may change the Privilege Program rules, regulations, benefits, conditions of participation, or point levels for awards, in whole or in part, at any time without notice, even though changes may affect the value of the points already accumulated. Dealer may withdraw, limit, modify or cancel any award, increase the points required for any award, modify or regulate the transferability of awards or benefits.

3. Privilege Program points have no expiration date. However, consistent with the general rules and regulations of the Privilege Program, Dealer reserves the right to change the Privilege Program at any time without notice, including imposition of expiration limits. If no points from any source are posted to a Privilege Program member's account for 18 consecutive months, other than bonus points offered for birthday, the account is subject to termination, including forfeiture of all accrued points.

4. Dealer reserves the right to make Privilege Program and promotional offers available to members based on service activity, program participation, or information supplied by the member.

5. All points and subsequent awards must be earned and used according to the rules and guidelines in this Member's Guide.

6. Abuse of the Privilege Program (including failure to follow program policies and procedures, the sale or barter of awards and any misrepresentation of fact relating thereto or other improper conduct, as determined by Dealer in its' sole judgment, any untoward or harassing behaviour with reference to any Dealer employee or any refusal to honour Dealer employees' instructions) may result in cancellation of the member's account and future disqualification from program participation, forfeiture of all points accrued. Dealer reserves the right to take appropriate legal action, as it deems necessary, and to recover damages, attorneys' fees and court costs.

7. Dealer reserves the right to interpret and apply the policies and procedures communicated in this Member's Guide. All determinations by Dealer shall be final and conclusive in each case. This Member's Guide supersedes all previously issued Members Guides.

8. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for all points credited to your Privilege Program account.

9. From time to time, the data you have furnished to Dealer and program administrator, IQ 7/24 Inc., may be used to bring you relevant and valuable offers from Privilege Program partners. If you do not wish us to use it for this purpose, please contact the Privilege Program Client Service Center.

10. Except as otherwise explained below, points are transferable to another Privilege Program member when a transfer of ownership occurs. However accrued points do not constitute property of the member and are not transferable by the member (i) upon death, (ii) as part of a domestic relations matter, or (iii) otherwise.


1. The Privilege Program is open to any licensed driver with a mailing address within Canada. All members must complete a Privilege Program enrolment form. Failure to complete form in its entirety will negate membership status.

2. Corporations or other legal entities cannot be enrolled as members.

3. Only one person may be enrolled per Privilege Program account.

4. Membership is non-transferable without a transfer of ownership of a vehicle.

5. Retroactive credit will not be given for services performed prior to enrolment.

6. Dealer employees are not eligible to the Program


1. Privilege Points are accrued at a rate of 10 points for each dollar spent (before taxes) at the Boutique and in parts and accessories.

2. An additional 2,500-point bonus will be granted for every $500 in purchases starting when you have accumulated $1,500 in purchases within the same calendar year. For the purpose of this specific bonus, purchase accumulation will be reset at zero on January 1st of every year.

3. Additional Bonus points may also be obtained from time to time upon purchase of specific products or services, with promotional offers, for referrals or as part of special offers or activities. Some Privilege Program details are published in the brochure available at the dealership and in the Frequently Asked Questions Section in Dealer website.

4. No points will be obtained for the purchase of a new or pre-owned motorcycle, tires, labour, warehousing, sub-contracted services or for repairs done under warranty or settled by an insurance company.

5. A 7,500-point Bonus will be granted for the referral of a client who purchases a new or pre-owned motorcycle. To obtain the Bonus, the member must first notify Dealer’s sales department. Only one referral Bonus will be paid per referred client.

6. While the Dealer will make every attempt to provide accurate point credit, it is the member's responsibility to retain necessary documents, such as service and parts receipts, to be provided for any un-issued credits.

7. Members are responsible for presenting membership card to Dealer cashier for receipt of points.


1. All Privilege Program points must be redeemed for cash rebates towards the payment of maintenance services, parts or accessories, or purchase of a new of pre-owned motorcycle at the Dealer. Member must show membership card at the time of purchase.

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